About House Arcane

House Arcane was formed at the dawn of the past age by a group of five adventurers - Corwin, Dagmar, Kayla, Moonpie, and Talon. It was a time of much upheaval and danger. It was also a time of grand quests and adventures. These five adventurers came to appreciate the camaraderie that developed as they hunted and quested together. Thus was the seed planted for the birth of House Arcane Masters.

This was a time when much was new in the lands, a time when only a few brave adventurers traveled the wilds, when only a handful of Clerics were skilled enough to resurrect their fellow adventurers, when sorcery was new and they had only researched a few spells, and the number of Lords and Ladies in the lands could be counted on one's fingers. In these times the purpose for a house had as yet to be defined, and houses arose for different reasons. Some houses were formed to offer help to newcomers to the lands (such as House Aspis and House Sylvanfair), some were formed by adventurers that wished to rally and defend the lands (such as House Brigatta and House Pheonix), and some to provide a social setting for adventurers (such as House Silvergate and House Paupers). House Arcane was the second house to be built, after House Aspis, and was formed as a hunting and questing club for the highest level characters in the lands.

As time went by, other adventurers who were deemed worthy were allowed to join House Arcane. The founders made the entrance requirements strict, so that they would never lose the sense of family that had developed among its members by initiating strangers or those they felt would not best represent the house. Because of the requirements, and since a large number of legendary nobles belonged to the house, the house took on an air of aristocracy, which it still retains to this day. Becoming an Arcane Master is no trivial thing.

At the end of the last age, the population in the lands exploded, and new adventurers came into our midst en masse. New lands were discovered and many of our members traveled far in search of new adventure. Some traveled so far that they have not been heard from in many years, and we all feel a great loss as the time since we were last together grows.

Not only did the population and the places in the lands change, but a great many other things changed - The towns overflowed with Healers and Clerics to help the injured and dead, magic became more protective and also more destructive, Armor and shields became more useful and helped to protect better, weapons stopped breaking, a whole new merchant class evolved and our economy grew to incredible proportions. The fighters created a warrior's guild, and the other professions seem close to forming their own guilds as well.

But not all of the changes that had been happening in the lands were viewed as good by those who have lived in the lands for a long time. The increase in population seemed to bring a similar increase in all sorts of criminal and immoral behavior, panhandlers were everywhere, and it was difficult to tell who was a friend or who was a foe. Ideals such as loyalty, courage, and nobility were replaced by self interest, greed, and apathy. House members became more and more separated as they explored the new wilds, and hunted less and less with each other.

But the world in which we live is ever evolving, and we see less and less of the bad in the world as time goes by. Virtues such as justice, loyalty, courage, humility and nobility live on.

Even with all of the changes and upheaval of the past few years, House Arcane has changed little. With the strict entrance requirements the number of house members is a fraction of the numbers in other houses. The number of members has slowly increased to allow fresh blood into its ranks without losing sight of its purpose or the sense of family that members share. To some members, House Arcane is still a hunting and questing club, and since we are more spread out among the lands they seek to rapidly increase the size of its membership to once again share the camaraderie of the hunt or quest with other Arcane Masters. To other members, House Arcane has become a symbol of a past age that should be preserved. Only time will tell what will eventually become of House Arcane.

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