Lady Arwen Undomiel

Artwork by Barry L. Layman

About Lady Arwen...

Lady Arwen Undomiel is a Half-Elf Enchantress. Although she speaks little of her real parents, she is happy to be recognized as the adopted daughter of Lord Arathorn Durendal. Arwen is married to Lord Kerl Argonus and together they spend much time devoted to the teachings of Voln. Arwen particularly enjoys finding the time to offer advice to the young and sharing her knowledge with them. She loves to walk in the woods, swim with the dolphins, and picnic nestled among the leaves of a tree. Don't be surprised to find her walking barefoot along the beach or sitting on the branch of her favorite tree eating a piece of fresh fruit, while her familiar, Mariah, looks on. But don't let her quiet demeanor fool you, she knows exactly how to harness the power within her when the need presents itself.

A quote from Lady Arwen...

"Do not be in a hurry to grow old, lest ye be a youngster all your life."

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