House Arcane Page and Apprentices

artwork by Rowena Morrill

House Page

Thilin Shadowbasher

House Apprentices
Anika (ret)
Arathorn (ret)
Briah - Lord Balinworn
Candlemas (ret) - Lord Noonga
Danni (ret) - Lord Challen
Dirtbeard (ret) - Lord Trachten
Ishimael (ret) - Lord Dartaghan
Jarinda (ret)
Kythyn (ret) - Lord Berr Zercker
Leara (ret) - Lord Kodos
Shanni (ret) - Lady Tedra
Shardik (ret) - Lord Fairgus
Shy Littlewing - Lady Gremlynn
Skali DasClanner (ret) - Lord Ragni
Thaerin (ret) - Lord Oghier
Urg (ret)
Xura Viirkort (ret) - Lord Raphael

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